275-17: The Scientist

Customah is convinced of his hypothesis and (mainstream scientific procedure notwithstanding), he believes that he has enough lived experience and evidence to prove his theory. And so he meticulously frequents every experimental site that he encounters on his routine excursion to work. Scents and smiles vary in intensity but his experimental protocol is fixed; he asks for one cup of coffee, nothing more. He pays for his purchase in loose coins and makes sure to always sit in plain view of the barista that took his order. And he waits. Sipping stimuli that mirrors himself as he brings the unadulterated beverage to his lips. He sips and stares and waits. He keeps the cup to his lips to veil any spontaneous mouth contortion;a buffer of sorts. Still, an occasional giggle breaks free and drowns in the Black Sea before it makes a sound.

He believes it takes about six minutes before the reaction begins. It is a spontaneous exothermic reaction set off by natural black body radiation. The closed environment changes, and he observes nervous finger tips clacking against the cash register. As the barista pivots, stealing hesitant glimpses of the thin-framed black man with brown overalls but a few shades darker than his cascading locks, the tipping point is fast approaching.
Customah closes his eyes and inhales the aroma of Ethiopian blend. The din of the coffee house is slowly muffled by the voice of Bob Marley and a heavy one-drop rhythm. The barista, Iphone in hand, grins. Customah in turns rises from the table, fills his half-empty cup with cream till it overflows and leaves the cafe. Experiment done.

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