275-7: The Whip and The Horn

This someone insisted that I remove the words honky and cracker from my facebook status.  They scowled me for using racist terminology. This someone said that I am committing reverse-racism.  This someone warned me that by calling people honkies or crackers, that I may risk alienating allies and other white supporters that are also down for the cause.  This someone insinuated that I may lose my job.   This someone says “ You don’t like it when a white person calls you a nigger?  So don’t drop to that level by using the word honky and cracker.  Turn the other cheek.” This someone quoted scriptures to denounce my actions and then paused to let the deafening silence of white jesus approve this someone’s moral sermon.

Cracker please.

Cracker and Honky are descriptors that stem from one’s actions.  A cracker cracks the whip of white supremacy and white privilege on the backs of working blacks and beats them senseless with unjust laws and capitalist agendas.  A honky toots his horn at two in the morning in low-income communities, accosting vulnerable people in order to assuage his self-centered desire for sex, drugs and power all while non-chalantly breaking down the many social structures set in place by the people.  Don’t want to be called a cracker? Simple, drop the whip.  Don’t like being called honky? Well, get out the damn car and act like you got enough sense to know that the world does not revolve around you.

The crazy thing is that this someone is my Afrikan ass.  It’s the second-guessing that despite all the evidence, my reasoning may not be logical. Or valid. Such is racism.

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